Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thank goodness for Hello Kitty!

Once again this morning I headed across the frozen tundra that my yard has become, carrying my trusty hot pink Hello Kitty hair dryer. Today's mission? To thaw out the frozen trunk thingy on the car. (apparently unbeknownst to us, the trunk thingy froze yesterday and the trunk remained open all night. ) And once again, Hello Kitty saved us all. After all, I have a salon appointment to get my nails done and however could I have driven over there if the trunk would not close? (I would have found a way. My nails are in desperate shape!) I have about decided that a Hello Kitty hair dryer (in hot pink) should be an essential part to any car emergency kit. (Of course there's the pesky details like a power source and all that stuff but hey, I'm just the idea girl. It's someone else's job to work out the finer points!)

I am taking my niece with me to the salon this morning. She will be getting a "nail color change". (Auntie is too cheap...or too get the child a manicure. Hey, she's only eight.) My sil decided that she had to have a pedicure so we're making it a family outing. I don't get to see either of them very often so I will enjoy this outing. (although I am a little nervous about an eight year old running around a salon. Since she's not my child, though, I can just smile indulgently and pretend that she's with someone else! Actually, she's very well behaved. I'm just wondering if she'll have too much time on her hands. Maybe I should bring along my Hello Kitty hair dryer.)