Monday, January 7, 2008

My brain is tired. But it is busy. That means that all the things that are rolling around in there are making little sense. Which leads to some very bizarre thought patterns. Today was a good day. I started my day off with some great blog wisdom. Shannon made a comment on her blog this morning about "not being sure that she wanted to be changed that much." That sure does sound like me sometimes. Especially when I am arguing or ignoring God or something that He wants me to do. Then I popped over to Lysa's blog and she reminded me that "blessed is the woman who lives in expectation of seeing God-who looks for and acknowledges Him-who's greatest desire is to see God---for she certainly will." And that's who I want to be. A woman who whose greatest desire is to see God and who believes that she will. Even if it does mean changing me. Even if it's a little or a lot.

It was good being back to work. I did get my desk cleared off and caught up on my emails before I left today. (There were only 73 waiting for me this time. I think that makes a total of 271 during my two month absence.) I started processing three conference requests, including one with Priscilla Shirer who apparently will be here in two weeks. (I have yet to see any publicity on this but I also haven't been looking.) Then I got two of the three waiting employee reviews done before the deadline. (The deadline's tomorrow and they have been sitting in my computer for um...two months...but who's counting.) I was happy to see everyone and everyone seemed happy to see me. (for the moment.) And now I am back in my happy little home. Where the dogs have missed me and the plumber has come and gone. Again. There's laundry and dishes to do and school starts back tomorrow for a certain young man. (who needs to shave before he gets detention for having facial hair!) I guess life is back to normal after all.