Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We survived the snow. Not that there was a lot of it but it snuck in a couple of hours earlier than expected, causing traffic snarls and school delays. Unfortunately for The Boy, he was home sick so he totally wasted a snow day. (This theory makes complete sense to him but to me, a day off is a day off. After all, he wouldn't have gone to school if everyone else had...) Regardless, with the unexpected weather, we (dh and I) dashed out the door this morning with the house "undone." So there are quite a few tasks left to be taken care of this evening. However, this was the sight that greeted our eyes.

In direct contrast to the weather, we worked on decorating the vacation bible school area of the store today. This year's theme is "Outrigger Island" which is very tropical. So MJ and I spent a good portion of the day hanging grass skirts, putting up ocean backdrops and "sandy beaches", making a "flip flop" trail down the aisle, and making sea turtles. No snow in sight. We enjoyed ourselves. Especially the sea turtle "creating". The craft is actually designed for 3 to 5 year olds so you can imagine that MJ and I had a little trouble with it. Spreading glue on things that weren't supposed to be glued, feet that weren't even and stuff like that. Maybe we need to go back to taking arts and crafts classes. Gluing 101 or something. It's days like this that make work fun. (And I didn't even tell you about the giant hair bow I made for me to wear out of leftover Hawaiian print tablecloth plastic. And I shamelessly wore it for about thirty minutes. Got some real strange looks too. MJ made a sash out of her material. I still think they should be happy that we didn't put on grass skirts!) I think we made the most out of our full moon day. And now it's off to do up the undone. Never a dull moment around here.