Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Boy and I made our weekly trek to Walmart today. On our way home, I looked at the gray dreary day and commented that this looked like it might have after Jesus was crucified. The Boy looked at me and said,"except for the four million people at Walmart. And the fact that it's the Sabbath and there are all these cars driving around. I don't think they had cars during Jesus' lifetime."

I love how this boy's mind works.

We went to our easter service tonight. They expect over 23 thousand to attend this weekend so we were asked to go at the "alternate" times. The service was wonderful. Kyle presented a great evangelistic message entitled "Who"s going to save me." And it was really neat to watch him preach from the Jerusalem set that's up for the Easter Pageant. If you want to see a little clip of the pageant, go here. I wish each of you could come and see it. It was wonderful!