Thursday, March 6, 2008


Angela Thomas came and spoke at our women's ministry fall kick off a couple of years ago. She told a story about a speaking trip she had taken (I think to Africa) and how well it went and so forth. After she was done speaking she went to lunch with the coordinator and the coordinator told her that the reason that the women enjoyed her speaking was because she was so "ordinary". You have to hear her tell, with her pseudo-british accent, about her being "just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life, and ordinary hair and ordinary clothes, in an ordinary state and an ordinary job" and so forth. And that's what today was. Ordinary. I like ordinary, by the way.

I had a day off today because of the big VBS workshop coming up on Saturday. (Prayer would be appreciated!) And in a hint of irony, there is a possibility of snow (up to twelve inches) by Saturday morning which could either cancel or severely curtail the number of attendees listening to me hack and cough my way through the miracles of Power Lab VBS. So I don't suppose you'll be hearing me complain about the lack of spring anymore. (and it was 47 today so I went out without a heavy coat. Which may explain some of the hacking and coughing.)

Back to my ordinary day. It was off to the grocery at 8:30 to beat the milk and bread crowd that always descends when snow is threatened. I was somewhat embarrassed to be buying two loaves of bread (no, I don't expect that much snow. It's just that we ran out of bread in the middle of the week and I am trying to avoid that next week. I hate grocery shopping.) but I didn't buy any milk. Then it was back home to scale the Mount Everest of laundry. Cinderella is on spring break this week (twelve inches of snow!) so she took some time out from seeing Prince Charming and persuaded me to take her to our local Chinese buffet. (all you can eat and sweat pants = a match made in heaven.) She had to head off to work after that and dh and The Boy are eating out at my mother-in-law's this evening, so it's just me in the house. Nothing spectacular about the day. Except that the sun was shining, my heart was lifted and God sang me a song today. Because He's cool like that. Many blessings to you, my friends!