Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Look at my hair!

I woke up to the strangest sensation this morning. There appeared to be a large quantity of fuzzy hair on my upper lip. Since I stopped taking steroids a couple of weeks ago, I was perplexed. And somewhat concerned. Then I realized what it was. Some time during the night, Oscar decided to lay on my pillow.

He then decided to lay his tail across my upper lip. For fun. Ick. However, I suppose a cat's tail across the upper lip is better than a sudden growth of orange fluffy mustache hair. On me. (I'm fairly certain that you would agree. I'm also fairly certain my husband would agree. The Boy, on the other hand, might feel like he'd found an ally in his fight for hair. Or he might be jealous.)

So, I'm wishing you a cat-hairless, no moustached, blessed day today! Enjoy!